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Are you interested in biotech entrepreneurship but don’t know where to start? Would you like to learn about the resources available to you if and when you want to join or form a startup? Would you like to hear about some of the most interesting student teams forming out of MIT/Harvard this year?

Join us at Ideation 2019, hosted by the Harvard Biotech Club and the MIT Biotech Group, along with our event partners and sponsors.

Ideation Mission

At Harvard and MIT, as well as in the Boston scientific community in general, despite a wealth of talent and supporting organizations, navigating resources for biotech startups remains a challenge.

To start a successful biotechnology company, finding skilled team members, experienced mentors, and sufficient funds is critical. Students interested in turning a scientific idea into a business, as well as those with specific skills and an interest in entrepreneurship, often depend upon personal/professional networks and serendipity to find each other.

We, in the MIT Biotech Group and the Harvard Biotech Club, aim to connect such students to facilitate stronger ideation and team formation within our community. At Ideation, whether or not you’re currently working on a scientific venture, you can gain exposure to the plethora of resources available if and when you form or join a startup. We also look to provide new teams and entrepreneurs with insights on commercializing science from founders of successful startups at various stages- ranging from recent winners of local pitch competitions to experienced executives.

We hope you will help us further our mission to better leverage the immense talent and entrepreneurial spirit in our community to drive innovation by joining us at this year’s Ideation.

-the Ideation 2019 team


Participants in Ideation will hear from an experienced entrepreneur, a young successful startup team, as well as a series of 2-minute pitches from early stage biotechnology teams looking for new team members with various skills.

Following the speeches and pitches, participants are invited to join us for a networking hour with dinner provided. Representatives from organizations supporting entrepreneurship at Harvard and MIT, pitching teams, as well as applicants not selected to pitch, will have the opportunity to set up stations at this networking event to best communicate their ideas and resources.

Information for Pitchers

A group of teams will be chosen to pitch at this year’s Ideation event following the speakers. In a series of 2-minute pitches, teams will communicate their biotech or healthcare-related idea, as well as their value proposition and what they are looking for in new team members (eg. computational biologist, IP lawyer etc). Pitchers will receive written feedback from a variety of judges involved in various stages of startup development, as well as the chance to recruit new team members and collaborators in a networking session following the main event. If you are interested in pitching, see our APPLY TO PITCH page for more info and deadlines.